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What Provoked The Creation Of Vision Collegiate Agency?

Vision Collegiate Agency

New Legislation

Before the ruling from the NCAA, student athletes were not allowed to profit from their name, image and likeness. This ruling has been overturned. The result will now greatly affect the way in which collegiate athletics is structured.


New opportunities will result in this change. A student athlete comes with enough challenges in itself so that is where Vision steps in. Vision Collegiate Agency, is responsible for managing all business-related endeavors. (Related to name, image and likeness of an athlete).

My Story

Younger Years:

From a young age, I have always had a startup mindset. When the idea of college athletes receiving a profit from their name came into the light, my dream of starting an agency became a reality than ever before.

Vision Collegiate Agency: Picture displaying a football field at night


Founding this agency began during my internship with Penn State Football. My beginnings with the team taught me opportunities that student athletes could leverage. Working in Lasch and being around players every day, I came to learn their personalities. Since Vision focuses on marketing and content,  ‘personality’ speaks volumes. The personality that an athlete has determines best fits for endorsement deals and partnerships.

Ever since my sophomore year of college, I desired to work in the sports industry. At that time, I did not know what aspect of the sports business I wanted to work in. With time, I noticed a growing a passion that there is more to an athlete than their performance in the game.

I found myself connecting with an individual from the NFL Players Association. This individual caught my interest and sparked a desire in me. This feeling confirmed this was the route I want to pursue. The NFLPA has an implement hashtag in their organization, #AthleteAnd. While the media portrays athletes in a specific and strategically crafted way. One needs to remember that while they have superior performance skills, they are people too.

This marketing campaign resonated and let me brainstorm ideas. During my brainstorm session I listed out ways I could help athletes off the field. That is how the idea of Vision Collegiate Agency was born. The law and business background will help me with this venture.

Final Message

My passion for this venture is unlike any other. I am  looking forward to seeing my clients succeed by making an impact in their life, it. Take a moment to read more about Skylar here.  From my experience, you should explore all that is out there to align your passions with your skillset.


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