Social Media: The Influence It Has On The Elite Athlete

2019. A world that is greatly influenced by platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even the new and upcoming application, TikTok. The landscape in which athletes are exploited to the world is drastically different than it once was 10 years ago or even just 5 years ago. The rapid pace that these technologies are developing is staggering to the average user. But with that being said, athletes need to be well versed in utilizing these platforms and should be ahead of the curve. Due to information traveling so quickly via social media, it is crucial to always be “on brand” as an athlete. But what does being “on brand” actually mean? Being on brand encompasses aligning your mannerisms in which you act and/or compose yourself in the media. The impact that media outlets have in persuading people is quite powerful.


How will Vision Collegiate Agency assist me?

With that being said, this is where Vision Collegiate Agency steps in. We are here to assist you through the process of aligning your brand. Vision will provide insights into assisting with building your social media presence and accurately craft efforts towards how you want to be viewed. No matter the perceptions that your social media currently gives your fans today, Vision will ensure this online brand is consistent and thorough. The notion of building your brand in the correct manner while keeping up with trends is crucial to being successful as an athlete no matter what stage of your athletic career you are currently in. As Instagram and Twitter have recently become the most increasingly powerful platforms for athletes it is important to understand all underlying features that can be utilized to our advantage while understanding the algorithms of these programs.



Vision partners with Instagram and Twitter

Recently, our agency has entered into a partnership with both Instagram and Twitter alike. These partnerships will ultimately provide leverage for our clients when interacting with these platforms because we, as an agency will have in depth knowledge of all the ins and outs.  Due to being in contact with individuals who create these applications, having this new partnership will open up countless doors for our clients.


The Impact of Social Media in Sports

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